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After my studies in cinematography,

I started my career as video editor at Kanaal-Z,

a Belgian television channel focused on economic reporting.

I quickly made the switch to video post-production @ EXIT399

where I mainly worked for TV Broadcast (reportage, documentary, ...)

but also gained experience in advertising and corporate videos.

In 2011 I spread my wings to work as a freelance post-production editor and was able to further expand my knowledge.

Besides TV Broadcast I joined forces with VISIONAIRES,

a young and dynamic team active in corporate filmmaking

and much more!



As of 2015 I joined forces with Bram De Waele and created VISIONAIRES.

VISIONAIRES is a team that delivers audiovisual content for a variety of clients such as corporate, art, events, museums, ...

Whatever the content you need, we deliver it!

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